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Technanosoft Technologies has been the leading face of Software Development for the year

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United States, December 20, 2022 - For years, online test-taking has been dissatisfactory. Candidates manage to cheat with little effort, and such issues have been raised and proven, fracturing the trust in online education even. But technanosoft has proven, once again, proven themselves above all others in innovation and skills. Their software development experts looked at the problem and have found the solution. 


Using technology and AI, they have overcome the failure of Online Assessment, providing firms with an alternative for candidates to take online testing honestly. Artificial Intelligence is an essential part of the never-seen-before feature of Assessment. To ascertain the test-taker does not cheat, there will be a few actions in place.


Candidates would be asked for permission for a camera and microphone, which would use to record their screen to verify that they did not have either another tab or window open, also any attempt to cheat or if the screen with the test closes for any reason before the test is complete, the program will cancel Assessment.


Candidates will not be given a second chance. Another reason for the camera is to confirm their identity, while the microphone would record any voices in the vicinity of the test taker.


“While the solution seems simple, implementing it was quite hard.”, said Harsh Kumar, CEO of Technanosoft Technologies, “Setting codes and programs to differ between which actions to perceive as cheating and which were not was quite an uphill battle.” 


Today, Technanosoft has made it possible for many to prove their skills to the whole world while staying in their room at home. Well Done Technanosoft! Congratulations on this future advancement come true!!


About The Company


Technanosoft Technologies has been in the business for eight years and has been acknowledged as one of the leading Software Development companies in the IT industry.


They are specialized, highly secure, flexible thinkers eager for a new challenge. Custom Software is a complex set of codes created after hours of hard work. As the complexity rises, so does the cost. Thus, finding solutions that are better, cost-effective, and easy to use becomes one ongoing challenge.


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