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Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Services for a Deployed Plan

For a strategic and well-planned implementation of your future plan, we leverage Azure at Technanosoft. This will take to a whole another level of Intelligence-as-a-service for the industrial enterprise’ approach along with its management. Get full assistance while achieving your business objectives with us.

We claim to have the capability of helping you manage the various missions, dealing with critical devices along with the complex technologies altogether.

Azure Services

Azure Cloud Solutions Offer An Easy Way For Businesses to Achieve Success

Why Azure Development Service?

  • Azure has the capability of offering Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
  • It offers security to you and your brand.
  • Provides scalability to your applications.
  • You get efficient storage service in cloud.
  • Facilitates mobility and consistent reliability on platforms.
  • Helps you simplify operations.
  • Witness business growth within a short period with it.

Benefits of Azure

  • Makes it easier for the consultants for developing native applications.
  • Provides an easy learning curve for the employees.
  • You get a platform that fits your pocket and budget.
  • Unlike any other cloud platform, you get support in multiple regions.
  • Azure aids all the Internet protocols with ease.
  • It provides the right information to the right individual.
  • It helps you reduce management costs.

A Successful Business Powered by Cloud

Enterprises from all around the globe are realizing the need for cloud development so that they can achieve their business objectives and other goals. You can be one of them too, Azure lets you redefine the way you are doing business for now, but why Technanosoft?

  • We help you manage complex applications.
  • Leverage your tools and software.
  • We help your enterprise to become more agile.
  • We support you with innovative business techniques.
  • Get secure and scalable cloud applications.
  • Get a cloud database that suits your business needs.
  • Expanse your resources using our Azure methods.
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Azure Architect

How We Work

Have Fully Optimized Azure Services for Your Cloud Infrastructure.

Azure development services gives you the ability to build and manage customized data. And not just that, with our assistance, you get to manage the mission of all the critical devices and areas, where you need to deal with the complexities of software. Technanosoft takes up that burden from you and lets you focus on bigger issues for your company’s growth. Get your tools ready for analytics anytime the client needs them without any hassle.

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Azure Managed Services

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Azure Cloud Services

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Azure Devops

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Azure Web App

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It was amazing working with Technanosoft. All the team members were very welcoming and were always ready to help. We got a responsive and matching solution for our firm, they helped and guided us throughout the way and made our work so easy.

- Andrew Carlton

Business Owner, Washington

We had the perfect matching curve for us. Their azure solutions were absolutely satisfactory and made us explore even more of it. Having a transition for our company through Technanosoft was the right decision, no doubt. Looking forward to working with them again.


Business Manager, Canada

I just gave a brief of what we were thinking about our plan and our entire team was blown away with just the blueprint of the project they were going to lead. Indeed, it was a great experience working with them.

- Cooper James

CEO, New York