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Bots Development

Get to Streamline Your AI Lifecycle

We know that for Artificial Intelligence to be transformative and impactful, it needs to be fully industrialized first. This is why we at Technanosoft, believe in maximizing your business value through AI while collecting all the crucial data and operationalizing the models.

With a properly scaled Artificial Intelligent model, you are getting to create and participate in a hugely competitive advantage while being one of the market dominators.

AI Based Virtual Agents

Creating the right relationship with AI.

Why Bots and Virtual Agents?

  • You don’t need agents to have your customer support services done.
  • Make your company a self-serving one.
  • Get to serve your customers with better resources and experience.
  • Helps you reduce the hiring cost of more employees.
  • With reduced cost, scale your business in a better way.
  • It requires on-time installation only.
  • Create an expansion strategy with better ROI.

Benefits of Bots and Virtual Agents

  • Get to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Gives you the benefit to enhance the customer experience.
  • Get more time to focus on queries.
  • Have a complex issue auto-assigned and solved.
  • Have your relevant information collected by the bots.
  • Harbor your leads.
  • Get 24×7 support and services.

Automated Integration

In order to achieve the significant or even the goals that you have set for your firms, you will have to think and look beyond automation. This will help you focus on all the amenities that are required for learning as well as organizational transformations. But why us?

  • Get an easy AI setup and start interaction within minutes.
  • Get to serve your customers 24x7.
  • Solve your customer’s queries within minutes.
  • Get to know your customers better.
  • Experience AI with the voice facility too.
  • Get to humanize your conversations.
  • Get a Bot in 50+ languages.
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Bots & Virtual Agents

How We Work

We automate the process of interaction online with your clients..

We use a single platform to integrate your data and models, this helps us maintain a relationship between your existing data science and the business apps that you use every day for your business chores. We stimulate and deploy all your data within one place to get the optimal results that you have been wanting for your firm. This is enabled through a deeper layer of personalization along with more efficiency and faster compliance.

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Model analytics

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Multiple languages

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Biometric authentications

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Contextual information

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We were looking for something exceptional and truly we got it here at Technanosoft. Their employees are very much supportive and helpful and have some of the best ideas of all. They helped us reach the level of ROI we were expecting.

Patrick Canes

Product Manager,Germany

We can’t say that we weren’t satisfied with the type of service we got from Technanosoft, because we got exactly what we were looking for and undoubtedly we are going to come back again here. If you are looking for some incredible SaaS metrics, they are the ones.

Sunil Aggarwal

Business Owner, Bangalore

The thing we used to consider a nightmare was made like a heavenly dream to us by Technanosoft, their software consultants are no doubt the best consultants. Contact them for all and any of your software or web development needs, you won't regret it.

Madeleine Hornswoggle

Business Owner, Auckland