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Alibaba Cloud

Providing Effective and Timely Cloud Solutions

Alibaba offers a wide range of public cloud server hosting services along with computing with cloud management to not just limited companies but every small, large business, individual developer, making it a global network of services that are getting to connect with each other.

Get access to scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security while reducing the development costs with our premium cloud services and solutions.

Cloud Services

A Full Suite of Managed IT Solutions at Technanosoft

Why Alibaba Cloud Development?

  • It helps you build cost-effective solutions.
  • It makes paying for any cloud computing very quick and simple.
  • Let’s you store data on various servers, making sure that it is always safe.
  • Helps you secure your infrastructure deployed in a cloud environment.
  • Helps you network your resources.
  • It comes with maintained scalability and speed that lets you function efficiently.
  • Let’s you manage even on sudden traffic peaks.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Development

  • With Alibaba cloud, you get better purchasing terms and offers.
  • You get much more cloud storage options.
  • Let’s you transfer or access all the data from anywhere without the risk of a data breach.
  • You get a relational database like no other.
  • You can choose if you want to opt to pay upfront or not.
  • Enables you to accelerate your content delivery while building efficiency.
  • Provides excellent data analytic services.

Have Quality and Transparency

An entire set of IT solutions and services which is tailored according to your needs and requirements while assisting you with the support that your enterprise needs to run and function effectively. Get to implement a proactive security mechanism, but why with Technanosoft?

  • Get the highest level of security and excellence.
  • We have a team of dedicated and certified professionals.
  • Get to outsource your IT services with reduced cost.
  • Get the level of support, expertise, and reliability you require.
  • Leave it to us and have our issues solved overnight.
  • Have stable and safe networking built for your firm.
  • Get the cloud communication that you have been wanting.
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Expert Cloud Solutions

How We Work

Drive your way through growth and scalability through Alibaba cloud.

With Alibaba cloud solutions, you get to build the cloud-based solutions that support the demands and requirements of your enterprise while giving them the most effective and efficient results. These solutions also assist you in empowering a flexible ecosystem of your business, making it even more convenient for the customers to get to work with you and for you. Plus, with Alibaba’s cloud solutions, you get to build an online marketplace for your customers.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

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Cloud Data Warehouses

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Cloud Native Apps

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Cloud Apps

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I don't know where I should start from. Their integration, knowledgeable skills, planning, everything was just perfect and something that we have wanted for a long time for our firm. It was a great deal for us to choose them for our project.

Sanjay Singh

Business Owner, India

We had a project with them a while ago, they were fine to work with. Would surely consider them for our upcoming projects. Their website development techniques are unmatchable and quite unique. Would also like to recommend them to some friends.


Purchase Head, Virginia

Technanosoft has the most efficient and reliable customer retention management techniques. They helped us all the way through our journey and they were extremely supportive. Their management and team spirit are marvelous. Would be grateful to work with them again.


eCommerce Business, USA