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Facial Recognition Services.

Building Solutions with Arising Technology

Grasp the opportunity of leveraging the best facial recognition services out there! We Technosoft are one of the emerging and constantly expanding face recognition service providers, We are fully packed with the latest and advanced AI technology.

We also possess a skilled and proficient team capable of delivering custom face analysis software. Our facial recognition systems apply to various industries. For instance:- Manufacturing, Hospitality, Airlines, and financial services.


Feel the bolt of Growth with Our Top Class Facial Recognition Services and Take a Sigh of Relief.

Why Facial Recognition Development Services?

  • Facial recognition technology assists in matching faces to their identity.
  • Helps in detecting customer expressions while purchasing.
  • Provides enhanced insights into a variety of uses such as sentiment analysis and people counting.
  • Aids in preventing thefts, infringements and other criminal offences.
  • Analyzes consumers while interacting with brands.
  • Can conduct a wide range of facial databases in millisecond levels of the scan.
  • Able to match low-resolution facial images with accuracy.

Benefits of Face Recognition Technology

  • Can be used in various industries such as Airlines Manufacturing etc.
  • Helps in enhancing Security.
  • Assists in Understanding Customer experience better.
  • Helps in gaining real-time visual insights.
  • Creates ease in recognizing identity.
  • Will be able to decode and detect wide-angle facial profiles and dramatic changes.
  • Assists in getting better and clear insights.

Why Prefer Us?

Choosing a custom face recognition software development services has become a need of the hour and hiring a facial recognition development service is not a piece of cake, you have to examine various factors.

  • We at Technosoft emphasise delivering Ace-level quality to our Clients.
  • We have ample experience in providing facial recognition services.
  • At Technanosoft, we are power-packed with the world’s skilled team.
  • Our proficient team also has mastery in developing AI face recognition apps.
  • With our facial recognition technology, you can ensure the security of your environment.
  • Our AI-based face recognition services are capable of .
  • At Technanosoft, we also offer custom made face recognition applications to meet varied business requirements.
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How We Work

With our custom face recognition software solutions, Prevent yourself from being Fraudulent.

Technanosoft is profoundly known for delivering top tier facial recognition technology services in a budget-friendly segment. We at Technosoft work to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients. Our facial recognition services are jacked with AI Algorithms that assist in gaining real-time insights. With the latest and advanced technology, we are capable of identifying low-resolution facial images with better accuracy.

  • Powered with Advanced Technology.
  • Optimum Quality.
  • Satisfactory Results
  • Proficient Team.
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What matters for us the most is the way we are being assisted and undoubtedly, Technanosoft passed the test. They provided a detailed view and structure of each and every step and were highly patient with us. Having a partner like them was indeed amazing.


Business Owner, Texas

The thing we used to consider a nightmare was made like a heavenly dream to us by Technanosoft, their software consultants are no doubt the best consultants. Contact them for all and any of your software or web development needs, you won't regret it.



We can’t say that we weren’t satisfied with the type of service we got from Technanosoft, because we got exactly what we were looking for and undoubtedly we are going to come back again here. If you are looking for some incredible SaaS metrics, they are the ones.