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Technanosoft: Event Industry

The events industry comprises various corporate and private events, such as festivals, formal parties, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc., outlining the narrative that encompasses site selection, budgeting, scheduling, etc.

Event Management is one of the fastest-growing industries. Meetings, conferences, events, and exhibits are essential nowadays in every sector. Drivers of tourist destinations worldwide, making almost one trillion dollars in direct, indirect, and induced expenditure in the United States alone.


What IT solution is the best for your event management company??

Why the Event Industry?

  • Boost a Business's Reputation and Client Base.
  • Allow a Company to Promote its Brand.
  • Make New Relationships.
  • Creates More Direct Jobs
  • Establish a Strong Bond
  • An Important Medium of Advertising.
  • Building Brand Equity.

Benefits of the Event Industry?

  • Boost a Business's Reputation and Client Base.
  • Allow a Company to Promote its Brand
  • Make New Relationships.
  • Creates More Direct Jobs.
  • Building Brand Equity.
  • Establish a Strong Bond.
  • An Important Medium of Advertising.


At Technanosoft, We understand the global importance of the Event Industry. Creating a marvelous experience for businesses and their prospects, instead of selling. Especially how corporate events can either boost or damage a business’s reputation and client base.

  • Managed IT Solutions.
  • Quality Performance.
  • CRM Software
  • Software Development Available.
  • Accessible Hardware Products.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Integrated Feedback System.
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Understand the concepts of reality and management of IT solutions for the event industry

Technanosoft understands the unique role of the event industry. Of creating or breaking a reputation while providing many opportunities to others. To help make software that would facilitate event planning processes, engage delegates, provide ROI analytics, increase security, enhance the attendee experience, and more.

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Virtual Events Solutions

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Event Management Software

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Online Team Events

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End-to-end Event Management

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Working with the Techananosoft team, from the start of the sales process to project completion, was a delight. I also appreciate the developer team's extra efforts in making things successful.


Business Owner, Fontana

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Technanosoft, whose software consultants are unquestionably the greatest consultants,transformed what we formerly thought of as a nightmare into what seemed to us to be a lovely dream.For any and all of your software or web development needs, contact them.


Business Owner, San Francisco

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A particular thanks go out to Techananosoft's founders, who directly provide their assistance during dire circumstances. The sales staff ensured that everything went according to plan and maintained all conversations open and honest.

Russ L. Rogers

Business Owner, Oakland