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Sentiments Algorithm

Measure Customer Satisfaction through Sentiments Analysis

With the constant development of technology and the introduction and development of e-commerce SaaS and other digital technologies, Sentiment analysis marketing is also needed. You might have known it by other names like opinion mining or emotion AI, as these are also quite popular names.

With our specialized software and techniques, you get the best sentiment analysis with the most accurate results. It is categorized into positive, negative, and neutral.

Sentiments AI

Get To Know About How Your Customers Feel About Your Brand.

Why Sentiment Analysis?

  • It's a powerful marketing tool.
  • Helps an enterprise to understand customer emotions.
  • An important factor when it comes to brand recognition.
  • Guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • It is mandatory for the product’s success along with product acceptance.
  • Helps in understanding the psychology of consumers.
  • Helps product manager to alter their product roadmap according to the customer’s needs.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

  • It helps in an increase in the product as well as brand recall.
  • Tells you how the customer exactly uses the product or services.
  • Specify clearly about the customer services and their experiences.
  • It also requires a great understanding of how a customer thinks which leads to better results.
  • Help in revealing product and brand insights.
  • Makes you easily understand all about positive and negative reviews.
  • It acts as a feedback analysis tool for a brand.

Gain Insights That Help you Improve Your Product and Services

You might need a great understanding of how your customers think and react. These minor aspects can be used in revealing what customers expect from you and your brand. This leads you to improve your product while enhancing your output. But why with Technanosoft?

  • We help you and your brand to understand your customers better.
  • Get to know how to react to negative sentiment.
  • Get to monitor your brand’s reputation in real-time.
  • Know how to keep your customers satisfied.
  • Find out what your customers expect from you and your brand.
  • Get useful insights about your newly launched products and services.
  • Get to scale the right system.
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Face Sentiments Analysis

How We Work

Forecasting the Right Roadmap for Your Product Strategy

We understand that to calculate a sentiment score, there are not just one but multiple factors that are taken into account, such as the type of emotions that are being expressed, and their context. This score will be useful in various ways like calculating customer satisfaction, analyzing product data, and determining the nature of the text. Understanding the text gives us an overall idea of the sentiment and how it should be taken.

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What matters for us the most is the way we are being assisted and undoubtedly, Technanosoft passed the test. They provided a detailed view and structure of each and every step and were highly patient with us. Having a partner like them was indeed amazing.


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The thing we used to consider a nightmare was made like a heavenly dream to us by Technanosoft, their software consultants are no doubt the best consultants. Contact them for all and any of your software or web development needs, you won't regret it.



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