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Technanosoft has joined hands with Human Before Resources - They Got A New Ally

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Noida, December 10, 2022 -  You must have heard about or used the job portal Human Before Resources or HBR, where one can find jobs quickly and easily. Companies prefer that site because of its advanced software, especially its features. Technanosoft and HBR have worked together since its inception. In fact, technanosoft is the development company behind HBR’s first website. Shocking right?


With new advancements, new contracts are made. Joining hands with Old Friends and continuing this journey together, HBR has launched a new website with more features and opportunities. Again, Technanosoft amazing experts have been the developers behind which used of AI in such a way.


Artificial Intelligence has played a replaceable part in making this possible. To know more, visit


“While the idea was simple, implementing it was quite hard.” said Krishna Kumar, CTO of Technanosoft Technologies, “But the team worked hard, and the result is in front of you. Sometimes we had to forcefully send them home to rest. That is the passion we nurture here at technanosoft.”


“Technanosoft has always respected talent and passion.” Harsh Kumar, CEO of Technanosoft Technologies, “If someone is willing to give their all to something, why should we stop them? That is my way of thinking. But, that does not mean one can forget to care for oneself. I am always proud of the fact that my team understands this. While they may work overtime, they would not forget to eat or ask for rest. I think that trust more than anything will become the reason for Technanosoft to reach the height of the sky.”


Using AI, HBR offers a path where job seekers can show their talent by completing their assessments online. But cheating is easy online? How does this direct their talent? Well, that is where Technanosoft comes in. They have put in motion Transparent Assessment. The transparent assessment would allow the registered companies to hold reviews of the interviewees before interviews and would not allow nor accept cheating. The success or failure would depend entirely on the interviewee’s skills. 


About The Company

Technanosoft Technologies has been in the business for eight years and has been acknowledged as one of the leading Software Development companies in the IT industry.

They are specialized, highly secure, flexible thinkers eager for a new challenge. Custom Software is a complex set of codes created after hours of hard work. As the complexity rises, so does the cost. Thus, finding solutions that are better, cost-effective, and easy to use becomes one ongoing challenge.


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