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HubSpot Salesforce Integration: Tips for Quick and Easy spite of Changes on Saleforce

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HubSpot Salesforce Integration: Tips for Quick and Easy spite of Changes on Saleforce

In this modern world, chances are you must have at least heard of Cloud Computing, if not used it unknowingly. Cloud Computing is often referred to as internet-based computing, as the user can access their data anywhere, anytime, with internet access, instead of their computer's hard drive. A few examples of Cloud Computing are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and such applications. But what exactly are cloud computing resources? While the examples gave you some idea of what they do, Do you not wish to understand what else they offer, their characteristics that are considered essential?



Do you want to archive business success? It's such a stupid question. Managing that business is no small matter, Sales, Marketing, relations, and who knows what else. It is the 21st century, though, so of course, there is a platform that can help you or, to be more exact, a platform and a tool that could integrate, providing you with the perfect solution.


They are HubSpot Salesforce Integration, and it is fine if you have not heard of that software. I will explain both below and what their integration happens and work together.


Companies often have a history with Salesforce and are not interested in leaving the platform. However, Salesforce does not offer a marketing solution as part of its Sales Cloud package. Marketers must choose a marketing platform; any marketing automation tool would require salesforce integration with HubSpot.


What Is HubSpot?


HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM, one of the most popular growth platforms that help you align sales and marketing teams, foster sales enablement, boost ROI, and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads. With companies becoming increasingly customer-focused, HubSpot relieves businesses from investing in custom software development by delivering tools. It is used for content management, customer support, social media marketing, web analytics, landing pages, and optimization of search engines. 


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What Is Salesforce?


Salesforce is a most popular SaaS-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool centered around sales management, helping businesses find prospects, close deals, etc. It enables you to maintain customer relationships by storing customer data, contact data, and marketing data, as it seamlessly manages integration with other platforms. Salesforce thus lets you curate a custom solution tailored to your business requirements. It employs a pay-as-you-go policy, making it feasible and attractive for many businesses.


What Is HubSpot Salesforce Integration?


Integrating HubSpot with Salesforce can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales and marketing team, bridging your marketing and sales databases. It allows you to pass data between HubSpot and Salesforce seamlessly and maintain consistency between your marketing and sales teams.


HubSpot has the best native integration with Salesforce, making it the best marketing automation tool for its users. By default, Contacts sync between HubSpot and Salesforce, thus creating new leads in Salesforce from new contacts in HubSpot. 


Strengthening the sales, marketing, and finance teams through quick access to crucial data will guarantee that all company-wide data sharing is accurate and current. Additionally, a Salesforce integration tool would enable corporate executives to report, discuss, and identify trends in data quickly.


How do HubSpot and Salesforce Work Together?


The details of your specific setup will depend on numerous factors, including your teams, processes, and experience using each system. Although there is no secret to ensuring your integration, accurate data is essential. Salesforce and HubSpot are two potent components of a company's IT stack. Making the most of both systems demands a nuanced strategic approach that uses both platforms' advantages and disadvantages. 


Limitations of the HubSpot Salesforce Integration


Understanding your sales process is vital. Whenever a new contact is established in HubSpot, you should create a new lead in Salesforce. Your sales team may convert the information as part of their qualification process if it includes a phase for validating or qualifying leads. By doing this, the HubSpot/marketing team can ensure that they only provide qualified and prepared information to be presented to sales and Salesforce.


Don't Sync Continuously


Assume you are constantly syncing and storing every piece of data on your CRM. When that happens, your CRM will clog up with unprocessed/unorganized data. Your sales team will waste precious time and become less productive, hunting for unnurtured or irrelevant leads. Understanding the configuration of your Salesforce may be the difference between a stress-free integration and tearing your hair out trying to get the data to sync. To avoid confusion later on, arrange for the minor details of the various data kinds. Although the fields used on each record are similar and have the same values, the actual field names may vary.


Leverage the hidden fields.


With the new settings, we can no longer hide files from users in the Files tools through the API, only marked as inaccessible from outside. By implementing the" hidden fields," you can easily extract your prospects' information through Salesforce without knowing they gave you the information. They are not visible in the file tool and would include files, such as files attached to CRM records.




Utilizing the HubSpot salesforce integration services may speed up the process, eliminate hassles, and ensure your staff can collaborate across both platforms. The objective is to approach it appropriately (using the advice mentioned above) and ensure that the appropriate individuals are involved to avoid going backward or attempting to clean up our systems after they have connected.



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