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case study
About The Project

Know how we help our clients realize their business potential

The Website is an employment portal of Human Before Resources, where Companies and Job Seekers can meet, greet and test each other, and can openly Communicate & Discuss.


With competition at its height, and new companies establishing every day, it has become quite challenging to assess one’s skillset correctly and fill the spots at one’s company. In this age, even this portal has many outlets competing against each other.

The Employment Portal connects multiple individuals, getting them in contact with similar requirements. Similar but not accurate. Today, while there are apps with which people can find jobs, they are not exact to their skillset. But we decided to make it so. 

An employment app, which prioritizes the searchers’ requirements and inquiries, would guarantee an honest assessment online, with no cheating from the test-taker. 


1. Strong Searching Bar


The search bar is a location on a web page that allows visitors to search the site. So, what does a strong one does? It is faster and more accurate than the standard search bar. This employment company search bar would take one’s preferred company, skills, and experience into account, higher than showing a certain number of options.


2. Transparent Assessment 


The transparent assessment would allow the registered companies to hold reviews of the interviewees before interviews and would not allow nor accept cheating. The success or failure would depend entirely on the interviewee’s skills. 


3. Stand Alone & Integrated 


Stand Alone is an assessment test that would allow a one-on-one interview between individuals, available even to those not registered with the site, searching for potential.


4. Job Recommendation  


Job Recommendation parallels the Strong Search Bar function; both applications would compare skillsets and suggest. This application would show better-matched potential jobs to the seeker. 

case study

We thought up many ideas to better the portal and gave ourselves challenges to overcome, but the question of how stumped us. So, we went back to the basics, where we found our answers, along with AI. With our AI-Driven and skill-based job-matching tools, high-quality tools, and out-of-the-box thinking, we made this portal even better than before.

Increasing the efficiency of the software was a crucial part of the upgradation, not just for the intelligent search bar but also for other newly added features. Fast-working software set up the path for escalated growth toward accuracy and advancement and became the base on which many software work together.


1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is an essential part of the never-seen-before feature of Assessment. To ascertain that the test-taker does not cheat, there will be a few actions in place.

Firstly, they would record their screen to verify that they did not have either another tab or window open, as well as their camera & microphone, which will be in work, also any attempt to cheat or if the screen with the test closes for any reason before the test is complete, the assessment will cancel assessment. They would not be given another chance. Another reason for the camera is to confirm their identity.

Secondly, Feedback. It has been added to learn the user’s experience and thoughts on their work during the assessment.


2. Basic Skills


Other than the necessary skills needed for the software to run, screen recorder, camera & microphone recorder, AI upgradation, etc., are added in the software to make the upgrades possible.

Technologies We Used

As per client's need we develope required product Using the Best technologies Fit.

WEB                                            ANDROID/iOS

  •  C#                                              •  Flutter

  •  API Integration                          •  FireBase

  •  HTML5

  •  CSS

  •  Database - MsSQL

  •  Javascript 

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